As a professional photographer and adventurous spirit, Bill Bonebrake has captured images of nature, culture, and events in 50 countries for more than two decades.  His work has received numerous awards and been featured in books, galleries, and on greeting cards since 1992. Long before 
Go-Pros, drones, Instagram and editing apps, Bill would climb mountains and hike all night or camp for weeks to get the right shot at the right moment. That technique and knowledge, combined with today’s technology, make him an extraordinary and flexible photographer of people, places, and objects in our lives.  Bill’s ability to use both natural and strategically placed light to enhance his images is especially important when photographing products or real estate.  He has taught photography workshops through workshops and arts organizations in Colorado, New Mexico and California.   

I am fortunate to come from a long line of visual artists and creative professionals. As a young man in my 20s traveling around the world, I visited such stunning places that words were not enough to convey what I was feeling and seeing - so I put a camera in my hands to share the experience.  I wanted to tell a story through my images and give some perspective on what I was taking in. Learning how to capture a moment in time and communicate visually has been my life’s work.

In 2014, I relocated to California with my family.  For much of my career, I concentrated on the Rocky Mountains and Four Corners region. I created my own successful business that grew from a simple card line to include fine art, stock photography, calendars, posters, postcards, journals and many other products. However, change is good and keeps the eye fresh. I have a whole new world to photograph in California. My entire family remains excited about this new adventure.​

​Bill recently relocated to California with his family – having lived in Colorado most of his life.  He is a renowned landscape photographer in Colorado – concentrating his efforts in the Rocky Mountains and the Four Corners region.  He has photographed in more than 50 countries around the world over the past 25 years.   His sells his photography as fine art, and his photographs have appeared in books, and on greeting cards and postcards through his prior company – JAMIT Publishing, Inc.

​Bill’s photography pieces are often confused as paintings.  His special talent is understanding how and when to use light to enhance his images.  This is especially important when photographing commercially – either through product photography or real estate photography. 

Bill is available for public speaking and teaching photography as well as commissioned work.

Santa Fe – Dancing Ground of the Sun – photos by Bill Bonebrake
Colorado Campgrounds  - photos by Bill Bonebrake
Colorado’s Scenic Ghost Towns – photos by Bill Bonebrake

Galleries, Exhibitions, Awards:
Cover Photos  – ABOUT TOWN Magazine (San Diego, La Jolla, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach) 
Denver Photo Art Gallery
910 Arts
Saks Gallery
Santa Fe Unlimited, Canyon Road & the Santa Fe Art Colony (website)

When words are not enough.

​​Bill B​onebrake Photography​

Real Estate Photography

Call or email Bill Bonebrake to schedule an appointment.  Cell 303.807.5809.

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Bill Bonebrake